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Throughout your stay in Ericeira, you can enjoy incredible experiences such as state of the art surfing, rural tours, wine tasting, Unesco's Mafra Palace and its hunting grounds. 


We are a family owned and operated business.
If you want to know more about the city, culture and entertainment of the beautiful Ericeira, nothing better than getting to know the strength of its nature through rural walks.

Quinta do Arneiro


They talk about the history of the Quinta, how they got here, what they do, how they do, the differences between conventional agriculture and organic farming

Tapada de Mafra

Natural Park

The Real Tapada de Mafra was created in 1747 with the aim of providing an adequate involvement with the Monument, of constituting a venatory recreational space for the King and his court and also of supplying firewood and other products to the Convent.

Quinta de Sant´Ana


Regional traditions and different cultures lived through music and national costumes

Pão de Forma


Pão de Forma Vintage Tours and Rentals is a company that opened doors in 2009 so that old vehicles could return to the road and follow new paths, full of adventure, joy and good mood.


We are a family owned and operated business.
Nothing better than a yoga class to relax and enjoy a moment of laser and rest.

Ericeira Yoga Studio


Ericeira Yoga Studio has 11 years of existence, it was the first space in Ericeira totally dedicated to teaching Yoga, it consists of a team of certified and experienced teachers, it has all the materials necessary for practice, and classes of various styles of Yoga , for all ages, so that each practitioner can choose the one that best suits their needs.

Elemental Yoga


Join energizing yoga classes, or the calm yin yoga sessions for a deep fascial stretch.

Of your physical body e relaxation of the monkey mind.

Espaço Yoga


The great benefits of Yoga come from the fact that this practice works both mind and body at the same time. Thus, Yoga will help to control emotions, thoughts and feelings, promoting relaxation, concentration, tranquility, and on a more physical level, strengthening the body and developing flexibility.

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